Help Someone Quit

Smoking is personal, and so is quitting. Each smoker has one or more reasons to make them want to let go of tobacco. For some, it’s being able to see their children grow. For others, it’s about not giving up on their dreams of a better future. Start by reflecting on your own reasons, then you will find the way to quit.


“I feel like a fraud. There are things that I’m hiding from people I’m trying to inspire. I hide it [smoking] because I’m ashamed of it. I am going to quit.” – Mitch


“I want to quit to be around my kids…. Tired of not being able to breathe. Tired of spending money on cigarettes. The money I could save, I’d probably have my own race car. A lot of things, take my kids on vacation… Wanna enjoy life to the fullest.” — Robert


“I’ve been smoking twenty plus years. It takes energy from me. It slows me down. It’s costly. I wanna quit smoking for my health… to be able to see my kids grow up… see them succeed in life. I wanna grow old with my husband.” — Christy


“My wife… She could open up a home healthcare business. She could really be successful. I wanna quit smoking to support my wife. For my kids…. I don’t want them to get secondhand smoke.” — Geremy


I spend a lot of money on cigarettes. There’s so much better things I can spend that on. I’d like to get about 20 acres… and just live a nice quiet life. I wanna be there for my boys… see my grandkids being born.” — Eric


“I would like to quit… it’s not helping me, it’s not making my family happy. I want to have grandkids. If by quitting it extends my life some, then for them… I would gladly lay it down.” — Eric


“I love music. One day I would like to do it professionally. I’m flat out addicted to it [tobacco]. And it’s just disgusting. I look at my gums and they receded… If I did it until I was 30 I’d be missing some teeth.” — Austin W

What’s Your Reason to Quit?

Only you know what, or who, truly makes you want to quit tobacco. Let your reasons strengthen your will to quit the addiction and give yourself a chance at living the life you want.


Help Someone Quit

If you’re here to help someone quit, you’re in the right place. We can help you with the do’s and don’ts of supporting someone as they become tobacco free. The two of you can be stronger than their addiction.

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Start Your Quit Journey

Let your reasons for quitting tobacco drive you through any rough moment in your quit journey. We’ll be with you along the way with resources to help you go and stay smokefree.

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Mitch L

Mitch wants to inspire people through his positive messages. But behind the facade is a man still clinging to his own shameful clutch, smoking, which keeps the voices of doubt alive in his mind. He needs to practice what he preaches and he’s ready to do it. He’s ready to quit smoking.

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Robert W

Robert regrets starting to smoke. Now his mind is not in the past but in his family’s future. He’s grown tired of spending money on cigarettes and doesn’t want to risk getting seriously ill. Instead, he wants to give his family a quality life and even buy his own racecar.

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Christy L

Growing up around sweet tea and storytelling, Christy wants to enjoy moments like this with her own family. She started smoking because her friends thought it was cool, but now she knows what’s really cool is being able to quit and see her children succeed.

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Geremy J

Geremy had his first child at 17. He rose up to the responsibility and strives to be a good father. He admires his wife and wants to help her be successful. Smoking and its effects stop him from doing all the things he wants to do for his family. They are his reasons to stop smoking.

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Eric K

A US Army Veteran, Eric wants to own his land and horses. He spends about $4,000 to $5,000 yearly on cigarettes and knows he could spend his money on something valuable. An even stronger reason that motivates him to quit is his father’s recent death from lung cancer. Smoking made him pass away early and this was Eric’s wake up call.

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Eric P

A deputy Sheriff, Eric compares using tobacco to playing Russian Roulette. He loves his three children and his wife and is ready to quit for them. Not because they ask, but because he doesn’t want to miss out on enjoying a healthy and long life next to them.

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Austin W

At 23 years old, Austin has already served in the military and recovered from a serious injury he suffered while serving his country. Now tobacco has damaged his gums and he doesn’t want to risk losing his teeth. As the older brother of two boys and three girls, he’s ready to be their role model and quit for good.

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