Tobacco Free Florida is Here to Help You Quit

Quitting tobacco isn’t easy, and there are many ways to go about it. But whether you quit on your own or with a little extra help, we’re here to help you on your quit journey and help you choose the right way for you.

Ways to Quit On Your Own

Every success story has a beginning. By choosing a specific date to start your quit journey, that beginning will be clear, and having a date to look forward to will give you motivation.

There are over the counter products at the pharmacy that can help you, like nicotine patches, lozenges, and gum.

They can prescribe medication to treat your withdrawal symptoms and help you navigate this rough time.

This booklet is designed to guide you toward success and help you achieve your goal of a healthier, longer and tobacco free life. There you will find resources to support you, tips that are proven to increase your chances of quitting, and places for you to write your personal experiences and track your progress.

Quit Your Way With A Little Extra Help

Here are additional free quitting resources scientifically proven to increase chances of a successful quit attempt.

Tobacco Free Florida offers a variety of free tools and services, such as 24/7 access to a trained Quit Coach®, Group Quit sessions at convenient times, locations, and virtually in every county, as well as online resources to build personalized quit plans.

Our Starter Kit provides two weeks of free nicotine replacement patches, gum, or lozenges, which are effective ways to get you started on your quit journey.

We also offer our Text2Quit program, provides you with tips, games and reminders, plus practical advice and encouragement that can help you quit, right to your cell phone.

Frequently Asked Questions About Quitting Tobacco

Congratulations on joining millions of Americans in quitting tobacco! Did you know there are more former smokers than current smokers? 1 Your quit journey may seem difficult at the beginning, so here are some frequently asked questions that people who quit often have.


Quitting tobacco will have its easier days and harder days. Remember, nicotine is a powerful drug that affects many parts of your body, especially the brain. That’s why quitting tobacco may temporarily cause you to feel discomfort or unpleasant. This is called nicotine withdrawal, and it can impact every smoker differently. Visit our Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms page to learn more about these symptoms and how to combat them.


Every person has a different quit journey, but there are many ways that can work for you. Check out the sections above to find out if you can quit on your own or you want a little extra help, and visit our How To Quit Tobacco page for more information. Tobacco Free Florida is always here to help.


There are many methods to use when quitting tobacco. From Nicotine Replacement Kits, to talking to a Quit Coach, or simply quitting on your own cold turkey. Explore your options, evaluate your needs, and choose a method that is right for you.


Nicotine replacement therapy is scientifically proven to work because they help you lean off of nicotine until your body doesn’t need it anymore, and it doesn’t contain any of the cancer-causing agents that cigarettes have. Visit our Nicotine Replacement Therapies page to obtain a two week starter NRT kit for free.


Nicotine triggers are moments or feelings that make you crave a cigarette – like coffee breaks, after meals or when you’re out with friends. They are common and can be different for everyone, which is why it’s important to understand what your personal triggers are and to plan ahead. And even though they only last a few minutes, they can make quitting even harder. So, if you’re feeling a craving, practice the 4 D’s: Delay your urge, take Deep breaths, Drink water, and Distract yourself. Visit our Smoking Cravings & Triggers page to learn more.


Quitting is no easy task, but it has been done before and you can do it. Every slip-up will teach you a new lesson and inform you on why you relapsed so you can avoid a similar situation later on. Slipping up is not taking up smoking again, so set a new quit date and continue on your quit journey. Visit our Quit Your Way page, scientifically proven to lead to successful quit attempts.