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Quit Tips & Tricks


Daily Routines & Stress

Certain daily routines or feelings (like stress) often “trigger” you to grab a cigarette. During stressful moments, give yourself five minutes to take deep breaths and think of something calm—other than smoking. Slowly, you’ll begin to break the connection between stress and smoking.


Coffee As a Trigger

If coffee is one of your triggers, start gradually increasing the amount of time between finishing your coffee and having a cigarette. Eventually, with enough time between the coffee and the cigarette, you will discover you can drink coffee without having the cigarette.


Driving & Environment

When you’re first trying to quit, don’t light up the moment the key is in the ignition – wait a few minutes. Over time, increase the amount of time between starting the car and smoking.


Support from Family & Friends

Tell your family and friends when your quit date is and ask them for support. This will give you a support network and increase your chances of a successful quit journey.


Alcohol As A Trigger

When you’re first trying to quit, don’t smoke while you drink. Begin gradually increasing the amount of time between finishing your drink and smoking. Also, try choosing a smoke free bar or a restaurant for happy hour.


Staying Mentally & Physically Active

Try to stay busy and have a plan for your day. Do things you enjoy, like physical exercise or hanging out with friends that support you, and the road to a successful quit attempt will be easier.

Reward Yourself

Throughout your journey, reward yourself for each milestone you achieved! Make a list of ways you’ll reward yourself and use them as motivation throughout your journey. Since you’ll be practicing healthy and positive ways to reward yourself that have nothing to do with tobacco, smoking is no longer associated with a “reward.”