About Laura Corbin, Bureau Chief

About Laura Corbin, Bureau Chief

Laura Corbin is bureau chief of Tobacco Free Florida (TFF), the Florida Department of Health’s tobacco education, cessation and prevention program. As bureau chief, Corbin reports to the state surgeon general, who is also Florida’s secretary of health. Corbin was officially named to the position in February 2019.

Corbin is a long-time veteran of the state’s efforts to address the public health epidemic of smoking. Her tenure with the Florida Department of Health dates back more than 15 years, beginning with work as a Regional Tobacco Prevention Coordinator in Brevard County. In this role, she planned and implemented programs across 16 Florida counties, training local staff and advocates on key tobacco issues and policy intervention processes.

She has also been instrumental in TFF’s impactful and highly regarded youth advocacy efforts, managing intervention campaigns in support of major local and statewide initiatives. She has overseen Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT), Florida’s statewide youth organization working to educate and equip Florida to take action for a tobacco free future.

Most recently, Corbin served as state and community interventions operations supervisor for TFF, managing the policy-focused community based grants for the program in every county across the state. Corbin is a graduate of Florida State University, having studied health education.

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