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Uproot the Truth

With social justice issues being at the forefront of recent public discussion, Tobacco Free Florida is launching Uproot the Truth to inform individuals about tobacco’s devastating effect on the state’s Black population, unearthing the root causes of this important public health issue....

Little Cigars are a Big Issue

The cigarette smoking rate has seen a huge drop over the years. In the 1950’s nearly half of all Americans had smoked cigarettes, today it’s fewer than 1 out of every 6 adults. This drop has come as we learn more about the health risks...

Join The Fight Against E-Cigarettes

Although the increase in youth e-cigarette use rates have slowed down, 25.6% of high schoolers and 9.1% of middle schoolers are still using e-cigarettes. Progress has been made, but the stakes are still high. It’s time to take action to end this epidemic. Check out...

Tobacco Is a Social Justice Issue

One of the major barriers to achieving social justice is tobacco use. For years, the tobacco industry disproportionately targeted specific populations, such as African Americans, the LGBTQ+ community and individuals of low socioeconomic status, leaving them to suffer the negative health consequences related to tobacco...

Tobacco Use and Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19)

Recent news stories have discussed the potential connection between smoking and COVID-19. The scientific and medical community is learning more about the health implications smoking has on COVID-19, but there are reasons for concern. We do know that COVID-19 patients who smoke might be at...

Powerful Anti-Smoking Ad Campaigns Work

Can a graphic and emotional ad on TV really make a difference? The Florida Department of Health’s (FDOH) Tobacco Free Florida (TFF) campaign uses aggressive ads that show the human impact of smoking as part of a comprehensive program. FDOH and the Bureau of Tobacco...

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