Additional Benefits to Quitting Tobacco

Additional Benefits to Quitting Tobacco

Quitting tobacco has many benefits. Not only are you improving your health, but you’re also saving money, feeling better, and improving relationships with loved ones. Check out all the ways you could benefit from quitting tobacco below.


  • Ever done the math to see how much money you could save by quitting smoking? Find out now at the cost calculator.
  • If you quit smoking, you also will save money by not buying lighters, replacing clothes with burn holes, or spending extra on cleaning your home, carpets, or car.
  • You may save on life, home and automobile insurance premiums.



  • You’ll feel more rested, relaxed, and energetic.
  • Your senses of taste and smell will improve, so food will taste better.
  • You’ll feel proud of your ability to overcome something so challenging.
  • You’ll feel and look younger (smoking causes premature aging) and your teeth will be whiter and brighter.
  • Your breath and clothes will no longer smell like smoke.


  • You will be protecting those around you from secondhand smoke exposure.
  • People will stop nagging you to quit smoking.
  • You’ll feel proud for setting a great example for children and other smokers.

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